NNHC Policies

Advertising in the NNHC Newsletter is free for any member who wishes to place a personal ad. Non-members can place a personal ad for the following costs – quarter page $11, half page $20 and full page $40. There will be a limit to the number of ads for each edition.

For NNHC events such as campouts and clinics, the dates include the day prior to the event and the day after the event, to allow for those travelling and for setting up of equipment and facilities”.

When organising Clinics, members are to obtain a consensus from the Committee before committing the Club to dates.

Dogs at NNHC Events
Dogs are to be restrained during horse activities at any NNHC events.

As of 24 March 2015, it was decided to change the NNHC Hendra policy from all horses that attend NNHC events of any kind, must have completed vaccination for the Hendra Virus prior to attending, to allowing members to decide individually to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. All members are reminded that they need to follow Bio-security guidelines when at an NNHC event.

Library hire is 1 month for all items. Once the due date has passed, the items need to be returned promptly. If you are unable to attend an event to return these, please arrange for items to be posted. Postage will be refunded to you by the Treasurer. If items are not returned promptly, late fees apply. If items are lost, a replacement fee will apply. Please bring or post items yourself, and refrain from giving these to other club members to do this on your behalf.

New Members
A proficiency test is required of every new member. No proficiency test is required for –

If the actions of a member or visitor on a club activity, challenges the safety of him or herself, or another member or visitor, then that person may be liable for disciplinary action which could result in membership withdrawal, or in the case of a visitor, exclusion from any future club activities.

No stallions, colts or rigs can attend NNHC events.

Trail Rides / Games
A separate checkmate will be conducted for each new member who wishes to attend a trail ride, which will be assessed at the showground by a Committee Member.


Bio-security Guidelines (NNHC)
The following points have been established not only because NNHC is in a Hendra known zone, but include other infectious horse diseases such as colds/flu, strangles, diarrhoea, ringworm. Event organisers have a duty of care to participants and their horses –

Basic Security Principles



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